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Open courses

In Dialogue offers various international courses of mostly five days. The courses are open to anyone with an interest in the subjects. Furthermore funding options are available for staff in schools, vocational, adult as well as higher education (the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, KA1).

All our courses are based on positive relational approaches to change and learning (narrative, appreciative, solution focused and systemic constructionist approaches), as we believe that appreciation is a pre-condition for learning and change, that organisational life is relational, and that dialogue inspires development and innovation.

Clear leadership

3-7 June 2024, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark

Leading in complex surroundings

12-16 February 2024, Berlin, Germany

Leadership retreat

29 June - 3 July 2024, Kirchdorf a/d Krems, Austria

Strategic management

4-8 March 2024, Gouda, Netherlands

Monitoring and evaluation

8-12 January 2024, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark

Conflict management

4-8 December 2023, Gouda, Netherlands
24-28 June 2024, Linz, Austria

Inspiring facilitation, teaching and training

27 November - 1 December 2023, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark

Getting visual

3-7 June 2024, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark

Consulting and development of teams and groups

27 November - 1 December 2023, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark

Strengths and passion in teaching (for teachers)

22-26 January 2024, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark

Narrative coaching and guidance

8-12 April 2024, Gouda, Netherlands

Strength based coaching and guidance

20-24 November 2023, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark
29 April - 3 May 2024, Linz, Austria


13-17 May 2024, Gouda, Netherlands

Collaborative teaching

These courses are part of the collaborative teaching package. This is a package for schools that want to introduce or strengthen the collaborative teaching practice. Read more on what it is here, and also on how we can assist your school applying for Erasmus+ funding for a whole-school project
Collaborative teaching, 22-26 January 2024, Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark (this course is full)
Collaborative student support, 18-22 March 2024, Berlin, Germany (this course is full)
Collaborative management, 18-22 March 2024, Berlin, Germany (this course is full)

New course dates are added from time to time, in case courses sell out. Let us know if certain dates above dont suit you, so we will inform you on new dates as soon as they are set.

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If you/ your organisation intend to apply for an Erasmus+ grant, or if your organisation has been awarded an Erasmus+ grant and you would like to use it for one or more of our courses, click the button below.

Erasmus+ grants

The upcoming annual deadline for applying for grants of the Erasmus+ is the 23rd of February 2024, 12 C.E.T. This funding deadline is for grants for courses we run between summer 2024 and spring 2026. Consult with your national agency for information. All open courses have a fee of 775 Euro for 5 day courses and 700 Euro for 4 day courses (such as the short version of the leadership retreat).