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Coaching & Supervision
Coaching is a structured dialogue about your challenges and goals. The coach asks questions that make it easier for you to find your own solutions. Coaching can be relevant both when things are going well (and there is a potential for much more), and when things are going less well.

The important thing is that coaching offers an individually tailor-made process that focuses on exactly your challenges and dreams and ensures that you gain a broader understanding of these challenges - an understanding which points towards new ways of action, as well as gain competences to actually take the desired steps.
  • We help you clarify dilemmas and challenge ideas that work as obstacles on the road.
  • We help you clarify your values and dreams based on the assumption that the more you know about where you want to get; the easier it is to find the roads leading there.
  • We support you in the exploration of your resources and past achievements and offer a dialogue on how to use these to move towards your goals.

Leadership coaching
Individual coaching
Team coaching & team development
Supervision & intervision