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Individual counselling

Many people experience times of crisis during their lifetime, where they lose a sense of overview and have difficulties knowing how to move on.

In the private sphere this might be caused by grief, divorce, worries about the thriving of kids, personal conflicts, and in the work sphere by stress, burnout, bullying and conflicts.

Psychological counselling can help you get new perspectives on your situation and a greater understanding of your reactions. At the same time the conversations can help you clarify your values, what do you want to stand for in your life and which resources can help you bring these values to life? The conversations will give you tools to move on – with a sight towards new opportunities in your life.

The counselling offered is based on an appreciative, narrative and systemic approach, focusing on creating insight into the assumptions structures and relations that maintain the problems, but also on clarifying values and resources that can counteract the problems. The counselling conversations contribute to you finding your own solutions – new ways of relation to and dealing with the problems, that you can take with you when confronted with new life challenges.

The counselling conversations take place in Roskilde, Denmark with authorised psychologist Lene O. Mogensen.