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In Dialogue offer diverse courses. All courses are based on the assumption that learning needs to be contextualised. This means that we take the concrete personal and professional challenges as a starting point for reflection and discussions. Furthermore we want to make sure that concrete applicable ideas and skills are the outcome of the courses.

  • In Dialogue makes sure that learning at our courses is contextualised and therefore relevant for your challenges.
  • We will be happy to take a talk with you about your concrete learning needs - what do you want to be able to do differently afterwards?
  • We believe that there lies a greater potential for development in your strengths than in focusing on your weaknesses, we therefore focus on applying your resources towards your learning goals.
  • At the same time In Dialogue will bring in understandings, models and questions to challenge you to explore patterns of habitual action as well as new directions within the topic chosen
  • Finally it is important for In Dialogue that you leave our courses feeling empowered and competent to apply the outcome of the course in your daily work.

Leadership development
Conflict management
Consultant development
Diversity - international work