in Dialogue

Inspiring change, development & growth

About us

In Dialogue is a consultancy corporation that works for the development of individuals, leaders, consultants, teams, organisations as well as community development. A great focus is on the facilitation of dialogues within teams and organisations. In Dialogue was established mid 2004 and got its recent name early 2007.

Our consultants work within the approach of In Dialogue, when inspiring change, development and growth. We closely follow new academic developments and are proud of translating new theories into practical and sustainable solutions to your challenges. All the consultants have a higher degree in relevant sciences as well as a proven capacity to translate their knowledge into practice. To ensure a dynamic organisation, which can respond in an inclusive way to a great set of consultancy requests, In Dialogue values diversity of experience and educational background among its consultants.

As we operate in various parts of the world, all consultants have extensive national as well as international experience and are trained in applying their competences in culturally sensitive ways. Moreover, In Dialogue has partnerships in various countries, who offer support in the implementation of projects, which can fully meet local needs and create sustainable solutions.

Our main office is located in Roskilde, Denmark. Next to that we have an office in the city of Gouda, The Netherlands.