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Clear leadership

Creating clarity and involvement through leadership based dialogues

3-7 June 2024, Copenhagen, Denmark
24-28 February 2025, Gouda, Netherlands
23-27 June 2025, Copenhagen, Denmark

About the course

This course is for managers as well as others with leadership tasks (e.g., project managers or team leaders). The focus is on developing concrete leadership based dialogical tools – enabling the manager to create transparency and direction while at the same time involving individuals and teams in meaningful dialogue and reflection on their practice, organisational goals and challenges.
The course is based on the assumption that leadership is relational; we cannot change others, but only ourselves and through this invite others to change as well. Furthermore, there are many perspectives on reality. Appreciating the logic of each person’s perspective increases the chances that complexity and diversity leads to innovative and sustainable solutions.
Leadership based dialogues invite to a reflective learning process, where the individual staff, middle manager or team gets a chance to reflect upon their practice and develop their competences. However, leadership-based dialogues put the organisational frame – the vision and mission of the organisation as the highest context. This means that the leader uses her/his leadership position clearly and constructively in the conversations. The leader sets the frame, and ensures that the dialogue develops in line with organisational priorities.

The course will give you…

The course fee for this five day course is 775 Euro, which can be almost fully covered by an Erasmus+ grant (plus travel and stay). Of course, our courses are open to anyone, also without Erasmus+ grants!

Note: The Clear Leadership course gives you concrete skills to lead conversations and facilitate dialogue from a management position. The focus of the conversations is to develop individual staff members or teams while keeping the strategic focus of the organization in mind. The course on Leading in Complex Surroundings gives you a chance to reflect upon your own daily leadership challenges together with other managers. Through that course you will reflect upon opposing demands and organisational paradoxes and through this develop the courage to use doubt constructively without getting paralyzed.

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