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The Erasmus+ Programme (2021-2027) of the EU offer a wide range of exciting funding opportunities for education organisations (including NGO's and private companies) with a strong focus on organisational capacity. Especially the vocational, school and adult education sectors have generous funding available to raise staff competences and enhance the quality of the educational work.

For professionals in these organisations (paid as well as volunteer) In Dialogue offers after-education courses within the area of management, guidance and overall pedagogical development with a particular focus on developing relational and communicative competences.

After-education brings the most value to the organisation, if it is connected to the organisational strategy. For this reason we accompany the management in guiding their staff to apply the new competences in the benefit of the organisational goals.

In Dialogue ensures that the learning at our courses is contextualised, relevant and applicable by working on participants' cases and using innovative and well-founded theories on learning and organisational change.

How to apply...

  1. Share with us you interest in our courses and you will receive a form to specify your request. After receiving that form, we will preliminary reserve places for your organisation on the courses of your interest.
  2. You can apply for small grants (up to 30 mobilities) or for the larger grants. For larger grants you need to be accredited first, which is seperate process, with which we can assist you. If you are already accredited, go directly to step 4 below and add our courses to your (simplified) application.
  3. Get an EU organisational ID for your organisation. This is a code by which the Erasmus+ programme can identify your organisation and without, you cannot apply (if you formerly used a so-called PIC, then login as below, to see your new ID). Two steps to get this ID:
a. Go to EU Login site and register yourself (as a person, not the organisation). Preferably use your organisations' general email account. You will get a confirmation email and it has a temporarily password that expires after 24 hours. Set a new password and you are registered at EU Login verification service.

b. Then, go to portal of the Erasmus+ programme. If you are still logged in at EU Login, you are automatically logged in here as well. Otherwise, use the same log in details as EU Login. Click organisations and a drop down menu appears. Select register and fill in the details. It will ask you to upload some legal documents (like registration papers, chamber of commerce, and such alike) but that you can also add/ upload later, after the deadline, as it is not part of the application procedure itself.
Submit your organisational details, and you received an organisational ID.
  1. Now that you have an organisational ID, you can start working on an application form online. On this site you can find links to all application forms. If you are logged in (press the box Erasmus+) you can see old applications if you have ever submitted an application under your ID. Just press 'Opportunities', click either school education, vocational education or adult education (depending on what is most relevant for you), and select 'apply' for staff mobility (KA1).
  2. If requested in time, and if you register for minimum 10 places at our courses, you can receive a template application form, which you can be easily customized to your needs, together with guidelines on using the application form.
  3. Fill in our ID in your application, under 'Hosting Partner', and use our organisattional ID: E10024123
  4. Fill in and submit the application, respecting the deadline. There is one deadline per year, which is the 20th of February 2024, 12 C.E.T. Some Erasmus+ national funding agencies entertain a second deadline, which is the 4th October
  5. Inform us as soon as possible after your grant acceptance or rejection

If your institution recently has been awared an Erasmus+ KA1 grant, just go to the registration page and register for place(s) at our courses.