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Leadership retreat

Hands-on retreat for managers and leaders

26-29 June 2022, Kirchdorf a/d Krems, Austria
25-28 June 2023, Kirchdorf a/d Krems, Austria

About the course

This retreat targets (teams of) senior managers/leaders who wish to take time to reflect upon their leadership challenges and receive coaching and guidance on their specific cases.

Topics covered will depend on the actual groups, but ideas could be: challenges related to implementation of strategic changes, strengthening of leadership team, leading middle-managers, leading a political organisation, in depth discussion of strategic development plan and evaluation of previous ones, etc.

The retreat will consist of fewer inputs than other courses and more consulting and peer to peer discussions. There will both be a focus on getting in depth consultation with the consultant, and on sharing knowledge, support and expertise with other managers. The consultations will be based on a social constructionist and narrative approach, and therefore on exploring the complex relations inherent in the problem as well as the many diverse perspectives on the issue. Furthermore we will explore the ideas of each manager about management in general, about the organisation or individuals within it, which might be standing in the way of dealing more constructively with the issues.

The retreat is suitable for senior managers that have attended one of our leadership/ strategic management courses, and can be used to follow-up on challenges related to implementation of ideas from these courses. However, it is also open for those who did not yet follow these courses. Depending on prior knowledge home work will be provided, making sure the group starts off at a high level. The group will have maximum 10 participants.

This course will give you:

The course fee for this four day course is 695 Euro, which can be almost fully covered by an Erasmus+ grant (plus travel and stay). After August 2022, the fee will be 700 Euro. Of course, our courses are open to anyone, also without Erasmus+ grants!

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