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Strength based coaching and guidance

Empower people to take action in their own lives, set their own goals and find the strengths to carry them out!

29 April - 3 May 2024, Linz, Austria
4-8 November 2024, Berlin, Germany
2-6 June 2025, Copenhagen, Denmark

About the course

The strength-based approach to coaching offers a palette of questions that helps the focus person set goals and overcome difficulties at work (or in life generally) in a relatively short time. The focus of the coaching techniques is on what works rather than what doesn’t work. The road goes via goals, wishes, previous experiences of success, and resources. Rather than getting blinded by starring at problems and all the things that fail, we ask about what the person wants and what the person succeeds with. Concretely the approach consists of a set of questions that make the focus person reflect, and which eventually leads to change.

The person that has a problem also has the key to its solution. We do not need to understand the reason of a problem to solve it (we do not need to know why the house is burning to extinguish the fire).

No matter what the problem is there will always be exceptions – there will always be moments where the problem has been there to a smaller extent or maybe completely absent. If we take a problem-oriented approach we risk spending more time on analysing and mapping the problem and less on finding solutions and resources by which motivation, creativity and innovation get lost on the way.

The participant will get a chance to practice different coaching techniques that draw out resources, create new perspectives and alternative ways of dealing with difficulties. The techniques will be applied both at individual and team level.

The course will give you…

The course fee for this five day course is 775 Euro, which can be almost fully covered by an Erasmus+ grant (plus travel and stay). Of course, our courses are open to anyone, also without Erasmus+ grants!

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