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NICE Academy 2023
Liepaja, Latvia, 23-26 August

Equipping career guidance and counseling professionals to meet contemporary challenges in practice

Career planning for individuals can be hampered by a variety of personal, health, social, cultural, economic, environmental, and political factors, as well as the multicultural context of society. The role of a career practitioner is to develop and/or select and employ appropriate approaches and methods to reduce the impact of risk factors and thus support the realization of the potential of individuals. This task becomes increasingly complex, as individuals often face multiple challenges exacerbated by larger systemic upheavals.

Given that guidance professionals are also embedded in systems which may proscribe certain approaches, and prioritize certain types of outcomes, the practitioner can be faced with ethical and practical dilemmas in addition to the need to be aware of personal biases toward the client. The practitioner's role is also complicated by often unforeseeable events leading to changes in modality of service delivery, target groups, client needs and expectations, evaluation of services performed and one's own career trajectory, among others.

The aim of the 2023 Academy is to take stock of the resources available to guidance practitioners and to trainers of guidance practitioners in the pre-service and in-service periods to help increase confidence in the face of contemporary challenges, both in the role of service provider, and in one's personal career development.

More information on the acadmey can be found here.