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In Dialogue offers consultancy to your organisation at different levels (individual, team, unit and whole organisation) and within different areas – both shorter and longer processes.

  • We can be a qualified partner in a dialogue about the needs and visions of your team, unit or organisation, and promise to challenge you to think wider and deeper.
  • We have experience with developing concrete change processes for organisations and networks, and would be happy to share our concrete ideas with you.
  • We can facilitate that the perspectives and ideas of both leaders and diverse staff are used constructively in moving towards the strategic goals, and that initiatives are implemented in the daily routines and procedures.
  • We have experience with working on work-satisfaction, conflict-management, motivation, constructive cooperation and teamwork, increased learning in the daily work and much more.

Process consultation
Conflict management
Organisational development
Monitoring & evaluation
Appreciative benchmarking