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Passion in teaching (for teachers)

Stay energized and motivated by developing a reflective practice in relation to students and classes in difficulties

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About the course

This course focuses on teachers and head teachers from primary and secondary education who wish to develop themselves and their practice in relation to dealing with students and classes in difficulties and receive coaching and guidance on their specific cases.

We all have an idea about what good education is, and when someone doesn't fit in nor profits, we feel powerless and frustrated. This often makes us develop further ideas about why this person doesn't fit in, ideas about what is wrong with the student. In many cases these ideas might comfort us but they do not give us much concrete advice on how to deal with the situation. Furthermore others, such as the student or the parents, might strongly disagree with these ideas leading to further challenges.

In a safe surrounding the participating teachers will get a chance to be coached, reflect upon and work with such difficult cases from their daily practice using a wide range of different methods. They will get new insights and inspiration to deal with challenging situations and pupils/ students in difficulties. Throughout the course we assume that a lot of knowledge already exists about how to deal with students and clasesses in difficulties, but that this knowledge might be pushed in the background when frustation goes up. What needs to be strengthened are therefore the concrete methods for reflecting upon practice and for sharing this knowledge among teachers.

This course will give you:

The course fee for this four day course is 750 Euro, which can be almost fully covered by an Erasmus+ grant (plus travel and stay). Of course, our courses are open to anyone, also without Erasmus+ grants!

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