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Leading in complex surroundings
Planning the unknown and dealing with the unpredictable

31 May - 4 June 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark

About the course
The course offers managers and leaders at different levels an opportunity to reflect on their leadership practice, share experiences and knowledge with others in leadership positions and gain a deeper insight into the range of approaches they can use in their organisation.

This course looks at the complexity of leadership and the paradoxes inherent in organisational life, where managers are expected to plan and control even when the future is unpredictable, uphold high quality with budget cuts, motivate people while introducing methods of control, and maintain operation while innovating services/education. And in all of this they are expected to communicate with clarity and direction while at the same time involve their staff in decision-making.

Rather than offering quick fixes, the course gives the participant a chance to reflect in-depth upon their practice, taking their experiences and their doubts seriously. It will give them a chance to gain deeper insights into the complexity of their work, and through this, new ideas on how to balance between opposing demands, different and sometimes conflicting stakes, navigate in unpredictable environments and leading conversations in the organisation that push in certain directions. We will look at the relational aspects of organisational life, the many perspectives on reality and the logic in each of them. We will apply the ideas both to the day-to-day management, strategic goals as well as to innovation.

The course will give you…   
  • A theoretical understanding of complexity and social constructionist theories on leadership
  • A chance to explore different metaphors on organisations and leadership and their consequences
  • A look at the paradoxes in your leadership and reflect upon the balance in each context
  • A chance to engage in self-reflection (seeing your own role in the organisational patterns) and self-reflexivity (understanding the assumptions behind your perspective)
  • An ability to step into the shoes of other strategic actors and understand their values, concerns and logic
  • An opportunity to step back and reflect on the strategic goals of your organisation and the role of planning in strategic management
  • An understanding of innovation and how to notice it and nurture it

The course fee for this four day course is 750 Euro, which can be almost fully covered by an Erasmus+ grant (plus travel and stay). Of course, our courses are open to anyone, also without Erasmus+ grants!

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