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Strengthening career guidance and counselling through international learning and sharing

The Erasmus+ programme (adult education & vocational education, mobility of staff) has set its annual funding deadline has been set on the 20th of February 2024, 12 noon C.E.T.

You might have heard of the Erasmus+ programme, or are experienced with it already. In a nutshell, this programme offers funding for career guidance and counselling organisations for capacity development of their staff (paid/ volunteer). Connected to the NICE Network (Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling), we assist career guidance and counselling organisations to apply for this upcoming funding deadline. Most organisations providing career guidance and counselling are eligible for funding via this programme, as parts of the work is seen as either adult education or vocational education and training (VET)

In short, the initiative is about the opportunity for your organisation to:

  • Have staff (incl. volunteers) take part in relevant international training courses on guidance and counselling
  • Attend the 2024 NICE Academy in Netherlands, September 2024
  • Visit career guidance and counselling (related) organisations across Europe
  • Join a European supervision group
  • Enhance your and your organisations’ international network

The main aim of this initiative is to strengthen the capacity of the career guidance and counselling organisations, and in turn to further improve the quality of guidance and counselling services. We have been running this initiative for 6 years now, and so far 3 to 4 organisations a year have been granted.

In the following two documents, you can read more on the initiative. The first one explains the initiative a bit more in depth, the other the courses that have been planned in connection to this initiative.

This year, the same as all the previous years, we assist organisations with the funding process, making it a much easier process, for both experiences organisations, as well as newcomers!

We hope your organisation is interested in joining, and appreciate if you can forward this mail to relevant other organisations, specifically to organisations in the countries mentioned above. If you are from a higher education organisation or a school (from an Erasmus+ programme country), then contact us too, as funding might be available for you/ your organisation too. It’s a different process, but we are happy to explain that, also if its only to join the NICE Academy in Deventer, The Netherlands.

Just mail us at