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Training on strength based coaching in adult education and career guidance
Netherlands, 13th to the 18th of September 2010


Strength based coaching tries to bring the focus person from the person he or she is to the person he or she wants to be. The road goes via goals, wishes, previous experiences of success, and resources. Rather that getting blinded by starring at problems and all the things that fail, we ask about what the person wants and what the person succeeds with. We focus on what works rather than what doesn’t work. Concretely the approach consists of a set of questions that make the focus person reflect, and which eventually leads to change. 


The workshop will be based on psychological research on coaching. Among others within the areas of solution focused coaching, appreciative coaching, and positive psychology. In spite of the theoretical basis, the training will be highly practical, and you will get a chance to practice different questioning techniques that draw out resources, create new perspectives and alternative ways of dealing with difficulties


This training will be organised for people working within adult (formal and non-formal) and secundary education, whose job involves supporting, guiding, counselling and/or developing individuals or teams. The training has been approved by the European Commissions’ Grundtvig programme, as part of the Life Long Learning Programme. This means that you can apply for a Grundtvig (adult education) or Comenius (secondary education) grant to cover all costs related to this course.

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The deadline for the Grundtvig and Comenius programme have passed (30th of April 2010), but the course is still open for registrations for those not using these funding programmes.