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Training on Appreciative Inquiry (foundation)
Netherlands, 4th to the 9th of October 2010


Appreciative inquiry is an innovative approach to organisational and human resource development. The approach operates by putting people in touch with the greatest satisfaction and pride in their life, their work or their community, and then asks what needs to be done to make that possible more frequently. Whereas traditional approaches start with problems and failures - and thus generate blame and frustration – appreciative inquiry starts with success, and builds from there, generating hope, motivation, commitment and enthusiasm.

The course will train you in applying appreciative inquiry in order to innovate your facilitation efforts, programme/project development and evaluation efforts. The approach can be applied to individuals, teams, groups/ classes or even broader to large programmes. The course will be based on the theoretical developments within appreciative inquiry as well as the trainers’ concrete experience with applying the approach to project and programme development as well as to evaluation.

This training will be organised for consultants, trainers and leaders, whose job involves developing new initiatives and projects, innovating and ensuring quality of ongoing programmes and/ or carrying out evaluations. The training has been approved by the European Commissions’ Grundtvig programme, as part of the Life Long Learning Programme. This means that you can apply for a Grundtvig of Comenius grant to cover all costs related to this course.

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The deadline for the Grundtvig and Comenius programme have passed (30th of April 2010), but the course is still open for registrations for those not using these funding programmes.